How to help

How can I help?

“‘I’d like to do something but don’t know how!’
That was me at the start of 2018. But rather than use it as an excuse not to do anything, I started talking to people. I asked them what I could do, I thought about fundraisers I’d met and admired, and I asked my friends for their help. The support I received was overwhelming. After that things just seemed to fall into place and little things were making big differences – Sameh was sent to Uganda and a school began being rebuilt without me even knowing.”
– Andreas Grundtvig, Teachers 4 Schools Chair & Founding Member

“An individual can change the world when they start acting as if they are that person”
Sameh Marzouki

You too could help. Simply using a little initiative and the desire to make a difference is a beginning. Here are suggestions about how you can help Teachers 4 Schools.
We would also love to hear from YOU if you have other ideas or suggestions.

  • We have started our next project at the Tujereng Lower Basic School in the Gambia. This time we would like to help them rebuild their school library. If you would like to make a donation, or help us raise funds please contact us

  • Our support of the Loving Hearts Primary School continues through teacher training and sponsorship. Sponsorship includes providing that students have materials and the support they need, as well as making sure the school meets basic requirements such as comfortable and safe rooms, meals for its pupils and learning that is engaging and fun. For just £25 a month, you can transform a child’s life. To find out more please contact us
  • If you would like to become a member of Teachers 4 Schools. please contact Linda. See contact us


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