Tujereng Lower Basic School
Tujereng, The Gambia

Welcome to the Tujereng Lower Basic School. Built in 1959, when the Gambia was a British Crown Colony, this school has little changed since then. Today, weak beams of rotten wood support single sheets of asbestos shingle. Given the age of the school, they are cracked and broken and fill the air with tiny fibres that increase the risk to the school’s pupils to deadly disease. In May 2018, Andreas Grundtvig and Alhagie Fofana, a local nurse and friend of  Teachers 4 Schools, visited the school to deliver school materials sent by teachers in Northern Germany. They were were warmly received by Modou Fadera, the Headmaster and many of the pupils.
Read Andreas’ account of the visit here 
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So far Teachers 4 Schools has:

  • Funded the rebuilding of a classroom which had previously been regarded as too unsafe to use. Total raised: €500

  • Found and provided sponsors for orphaned and needy pupils. If you would like to find out more about sponsoring a child through their education, please contact us

We continue to remain in close contact with Modou Fadera and the pupils. Our next project is to rebuild the school library. Read more about this project here…


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